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July 2008 Business of the Month: ........"One thing that is common to both of us and what brought us together was a love of unique and spicy foods. This is what originally inspired us to experiment with a jam based on sweet heat. We also have come to be greatly inspired by the enthusiasm of our jam fans and the way people have responded to our creations. Our jam fans have provided a lot of support and encouragement and we can’t thank them enough for that......."Read Full Article


September 2009 Chef of the Month:......."Gombey Pepper Jam™ is unique to Bermuda and sought after by locals and visitors alike. In the kitchen, Joel oversees the preparation and the cooking of the Jams. Grant organizes the packaging, and quality control. Playing on each other’s strengths they are able to prepare and package a high quality product with numerous culinary applications......"Read Full Article


June 2010 Chef of the Month:......."Grant Kennedy and Joel McDonell, In partnership with Fairmont Hamilton Princess Executive Chef Thomas Present: 'Princess Breeze', the 125th Aniversary Signature Edition Jam....."Read Full Article


Royal Gazette


......"One of the island's top jam producers has gone truly global with the launch of a new online ordering and shipping service.  Bermuda Jam Factory which is run by Joel McDonell and Grant Kennedy, will enable visitors to the island to have the popular brand of spicy sweet jams sent to them and residents to have them delivered to family and friends overseas.....Read Full Article


Food and Wine Notebook


......"Atantalising new local product, Gombey Hot Pepper Jam, is tingling the taste buds of jam lovers on the island. The Brainchild of CedarBridge Academy teacher Grant Kennedy and his partner, Joel McDonell, the Bermuda made jam debuted this year at the Bull’s Head farmers’ market.....Read Full Article


Chowhound Blog


......"When i was in Bermuda this summer i had the pleasure of trying Gombey Pepper Jam from this home-grown business sampling and selling their wares at the local tourist street fairs. i came across them more than once during my trip and they were actually two very nice guys, both school teachers, one of them a trained chef....." Read Full Article

Hot Sauce Blog


Hurricane Force Review

......"This Jam is really a great tasting product that is very versatile. I used it on chicken and rice but I would love it on ice cream, crackers, cakes, stir fries, chicken tacos, grilled chicken, etc. The finest ingredients have to be used for this product and when they say “Premium” they mean it!....."Read Full Article

Tropical Storm Review

......."The jam is sweet and has just a hint of honey and the fruitiness of the peppers, but if you take a bite with pieces of habanero (as they nearly all are) then you get the full spectrum of the jams flavor. The peppers don’t shine without the jam and the jam doesn’t shine without them - it’s a great balance for your tongue........"Read Full Article